animation movie by Giorgos Nikopoulos

The scenario of the project ‘The Peasant and the Ox’ was written in 2011 to become animation film. This is a metaphor based on the myth of Midas , which draws on the political and economic situation of the early 21st century.


In a large kingdom looked after by a ruler.

In a very small piece of this kingdom works all his life, continuing the work of his ancestors, the peasant with old ox, digging the land and producing food. Quietly, without change. The Angel, the messenger of the Lord, informs the old man that found the drug that will do everything gold. The crops, soil, water, and even themselves. The flow is now changing. The ox runs away at night to escape the inevitable. The old man also believing they can avoid the inevitable, he goes and brings back the ox. He believes that it will dissuade the Angel. Wrong.

The ox is killed , the old man goes insane , 7 children appear and with their dance show that when changing the flow reversal is shorter .

Scenario / Direction / Animation: Giorgos Nikopoulos

Sound Design: Dimitris Baslam

Masks / Costumes: Nikos Kokkalis

Photography Director: Grigoris Panopoulos

Graphic Design: Dimitris Politis

Post Production: Giorgos Nikopoulos, Dimitris Politis, Grigoris Panopoulos



Nine artists concurrently expose their works in nine different hot spots
walk around art











A project aiming to support and spread the work of different creators/ artists, through parallel exhibitions that will run in various spots of Corfu town. This initiative wishes to highlight the aesthetics of already known meeting points of the town, while giving visitors the chance to enjoy artistic creation in places where they hang out. Where art can turn social meetings into fertile gatherings. Artist and spots:

niki analiti@Plytexno.

giannis dimitras@Petite Fleur

spyridoula zaxou@Βristol Cafe

panos kanoutas@Conserva cafe

dimitra mazi@Pomo Doro

sofia stavrou@Tsibeato cafe

melina sxina@kedrikon cafe

giorgos tsirigotis@Stories cafe

panagiotis marlagoutsos@Kathe pragma sto kairo tou



Contemporary Dance Festival in Urban Landscape






A Contemporary Dance Festival in Urban Landscape took place in Corfu for the third consecutive year. The aim of the festival is to reveal the potential of public space for contemporary artistic creation. To familiarize the audience – passers by in the area of events- with contemporary dance and to transform the urban space into a communication platform.

The festival included performances of various contemporary dance groups and artists from all over Europe. Such as Vicky Perez Miranda, Carmen Werner, Maura Morales etc. There were seminars by distinguished dancers and teachers such as Anton Lachky, Damien Jalet, Johannes Wieland and John Yaples .

The project is carried out by a group of artists and supported by the body of OSCS in collaboration with the Municipal Regional Theatre of Corfu.



The recipients of the Prix Ars Electronica


Presentation of Ars Electronica and projection of rewarded attendances of ArsPrix in the venue Polytechno in Corfu. Since 1987 the ARS Electronica is a unique platform for new media and digital art, as it is the most important festival of its kind. Every year the ARS Electronica, organizes a contest where participants are divided into seven areas : Computer Animation / Film / VFX, Interactive Art, Digital Musics & Sound Art, Hybrid Art etc. www.aec.at



Summer short film nights


future shorts





Future Shorts films in the Garden of Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu. Future Shorts is one of the leading and most innovative short film labels. Since 2003, Future Shorts has created a rapidly expanding network that allows film makers the opportunity to have their work seen on the largest theatrical platform worldwide. Passionately believing in getting short films seen and creating a culture around the medium, Future Shorts is recognized by film makers, the industry and press alike as the cutting-edge short film label. Future Shorts is a worldwide film festival as well as a distributor, sales agent, consultancy service and DVD label. This is fresh cinema, Future Shorts.

Future Shorts Exhibition works as a worldwide short film festival providing an alternative system to the traditional film festival model. Film makers have the chance to get their work seen all over the world from just one submission. Films that are selected to join our monthly program are currently being shown at 15 UK venues both theatrical and non-theatrical.

The international network currently comprises of more than 60 cities and 18 countries worldwide conducting regular Future Shorts screenings. Future Shorts Exhibition aims to provide an alternative cinematic experience, where screenings are often accompanied by other multimedia elements including live music and rescores, performers and installations. www.futureshorts.com



Organization of festival European music day” in corfu.



The main concept of European Music Day is the promotion of both music as action and the artists themselves. The initial motto remains the same: all musicians and instruments out on the streets, It’s Music’s Feast! Amateur and professional musicians of every genre flood public spaces, squares, streets. Τhe town turns into a stage.

Since 1985, a trans-European artist network was created linking ministries, municipalities and coordinating offices, having as an ultimate cause the closest cooperation, the promotion and exchange of artists, as well as an opportunity for local events to come into European limelight, thus achieving co-operations, events and cultural meetings of international volume. Today, in Europe, 22 countries, from Ireland to Kazakshtan, and from the Baltic countries all the way to Cyprus, have already established European Music Festival.







For 3 days everything was spinning on an alternative orbit. Just a bit outside Pelekas, a village 12km west of Corfu City, the 1000 sq.m walls were waiting for “writers” to give them life. Those writer’s colour game was accompanied by the various DJs’ music, who were giving the beat and groove to the Graffiti friends. On the other side of the road, in the olive farm, the fully equipped camp was hosting whoever wanted to stay for all the three days of the festival for free. Visitors, had the opportunity, apart from observing the music events and graffiti, to participate in graffiti seminars and enjoy graffiti exhibitions on canvas, as well as video art. Spectacular juggling shows, street theatre and many surprises were only part of the three-day festivities.

loccomondo, One drop, Plus dots, Zona bastarda, 63 High and Professional sinner are some of the artists performing during the festival.